Bishop Isaac Ogbeta prays for America
at the US Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

The kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdoms of our Lord, Jesus Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. (Rev. 11:15)

Prosperity, Peace & Miracles in the name of Jesus Christ - Testomony of a woman who struggled to recieve a well deserved compensation settlement.

Witchcraft Spirits can be destroyed

God's message is being is being transmitted by Bishop Isaac Ogbeta giving us Hope and understanding that Witchcraft is powerless compared to what God can do.

After Suicide attempt by taking 47 different pills He was resurrected from death





My name is Bishop Isaac Ogbeta and I was born and raised in Africa. I am an Ordained Bishop with the International Pentecostal Churches Worldwide. From my early childhood, God anointed me with tremendous POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, and the operational gift for Miracles, Healing and Prophecy, whereby the dead have been raised back to life, the lame has walked, the mentally ill have been healed.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit in me is so strong that people with drugs or alcohol addictions and those oppressed by the devil/demons or witchcraft have been liberated through my prayers "In Jesus Name". More than one million people have testified that I, Bishop Isaac Ogbeta, am a true Prophet of God, since all my prophecies have come to pass. That is why I have been receiving invitations from all over the world to preach and Break Generational Curses. Whenever I conduct a miracle crusade in a stadium or convention center, seats always fill up.

Pastor Dan Scott, who is a very great man of God, testified to one of the great miracles that God, using me, has performed in his church in Phoenix, Arizona.  Pastor Dan Scott said quote:


"Bob was the man for whom the funeral was held today. He was a man in our church who experienced the most remarkable miracle two years ago. He had been a violinist with the Phoenix Symphony before sinking into a mental illness over twenty years ago. So, for years, he sat in the back of our church staring at the floor, in a near catatonic state. He walked slowly about the church with his walker, seemingly unaware of much of the world around him. However, one night a couple of years ago, an African Pastor who was visiting our church, suddenly shouted at him from the platform. 'Brother, I command you to throw away your walker and run,' Isaac Ogbeta said."
"I nearly fainted. I saw lawsuits and news paper articles on their way. I was ready to step up and put an end to the foolishness when to my surprise, Bob threw away his walker. He began to run around the church in a steady gait, smiling from ear to ear. Within a few weeks, his psychiatrist took him off nearly all his medication. After twenty years of darkness, Bob was restored to his right mind. He began playing his violin and conversing freely with everyone. He became a constant joy and delight to us."
My mission is to break Generational Curses and to destroy the powers of witchcraft from the lives of people who are under constant attack from Satan, so that people will come to Jesus Christ instead of seeking help from psychics, witchdoctors, mediums or fortune-tellers for protection, prosperity and peace.  All power in Heaven and on earth belongs to Jesus Christ.  My mission is also to bring one billion Souls to the kingdom of God, because Jesus Christ died for the whole world.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Yours truley in Christ,
Bishop Isaac Ogbeta

God uses Bishop Isaac Ogbeta to convey his message and bring greatness, cure, and miracles to the church.

All Members of the family received permanent residence ( Green Card ) by Supernatural Miracles

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